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Control & Instrumentation Services

We provide Instrumentation installation services for different types of industries i.e. Power Projects, Oil & Gas, Steel Plant, Chemical, Petrochemical Plants, Refineries, Fertilizer Plants, Cement Plant, Pharmaceutical Plants etc.

Installation of Field Instruments, Control Panels, DCS and PLC systems, SCADA system, hazardous area control systems, Fire and Gas systems

Process instruments installation, Cable laying, Glanding and Termination

Testing and Commissioning of Indicators, Transmitters and Controllers, Valves & other measuring instruments

Cabling, marshaling panels, instrument air/gas tubing, and SS/CS/AS impulse piping work for high pressure and low pressure welder

Testing, Calibrating & Loop Checking through fully trained technicians with NABL certified testing equipment

Specialist knowledge on industrial projects for material selection and procurement related to electrical & instrumentation hardware material

Supplying instruments, Panels, Junction Boxes, Cable laying & Termination, perforated Cable Tray work, and Pedestal fabrication

Broad Scope of Work

Inspection and Installation of Control and instrumentation items supplied by the customer

Installation of Cable duct/tray

Installation of Junction boxes and Air distribution header

Installation of service and instrument air piping

Installation of instruments with supports

Impulse piping and tubing

Main/ branch cable laying and terminations

Testing of cables

Installation of control panels, marshaling racks and DCS consoles and related activities

Calibration of instruments

Pressure testing of impulse piping/ tubing

Loop checking

Assistance in commissioning

Design-Engineering Design-Engineering Design-Engineering