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Broad scope of work


Preparation of design basis Report

Preparation of project specification

Load flow studies

Selection of HV/LV switchgear, motor control centers

Selection of AC/DC UPS

Selection of power/ distribution transformers

Designing supply change over schemes for incomers and outgoing feeder control schemes

Selection of feeder/motor/ transformer protection relays

Switch yard/ transformer layouts

Switch gear/ MCC room layout

Battery room layouts

Cable tray/ trench layouts

Earthing calculations

Cable routing calculations

Lighting (indoor/outdoor) layouts

Lightning protection layouts

Power and control cable schedules


Interface activities with civil/ machinery/ instrumentation

Relay Coordination and Short Circuit Study

Relay & Control Panel Engineering

Relay Setting Calculations, Recommendation and Protection Selectivity Study

Panel General Arrangement Drawings

Schematic Drawings

Bill of Material

Wiring Table

Panel Internal View

Panel Cut out Drawings

Label List

Design-Engineering Design-Engineering Design-Engineering